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The express path to great English

Choose English course in England and you will be able to communicate fluently, enhance your career prospects or progress to academic studies in English. You can pick from a range of fun, historical and cultural locations, such as Cambridge, Canterbury, Exeter, London, Oxford, Brighton or Bournemouth.

The best way how to quickly improve your English language skills is to take an Intensive course available in various great locations around the UK.

Specializing in Business English you can boost your career in international business and get a job you have always wanted.

Taking an IELTS test will help to open doors to international education and employment all over the globe.

You can finish your course by passing one if the Cambridge English Certificates and get a world-wide recognised proof of your language abilities accepted by more than 11,000 employers, universities and government bodies around the world. Find out, which certificate suits you best:

First Certificate in English (FCE)
An exam for everyday use of written and spoken English at an upper-intermediate level. It is an ideal exam for people who want to use English for work or study purposes (a common requirement for most Bachelor’s courses).

Certificate in Advanced English (CAE)
A high-level language qualification in English for demanding professional and academic situations (a common requirement for most Master courses).

Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE)
It is aimed at people who use English for professional or study purposes. Its Cambridge English’s most-advanced exam.

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