Every year hundreds of students choose to study abroad, where they get quality study programmes in English or German with favourable conditions, e.g. free tuition in Austria or very affordable study options in Belgium, Italy or Lithuania.


Why study abroad?

  • you enhance your career prospects with the opportunity to pass in internship during or after your studies
  • you develop greater self-confidence, become independent, self-liable and achieve personal and intellectual growth
  • master the language
  • opportunity to follow new academic system and study only what interests you
  • you will make friends for life around the world


Study with Cambridge Study

  1. We offer you our help with the application process to our partner universities, which are based in countries like Great Britain, Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden, Belgium, Austria, Italy, Ireland, France, Spain, Canada, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia, Hungary and Estonia, in cooperation with UniversityAdmission.eu portal a help with the application to US universities.
  2. We recommend you the best programme and school according to your ambitions and preferences after personal or phone consultation.
  3. The application fee for up to 6 different programmes at different universities and countries is only €100.
  4. We are based in Cambridge, in UK, where we regularly meet our students during their stay, eventually we wait for them personally at the airport.
  5. We have got great experience with studying and living abroad and with schools we offer
  6. You don’t pay extra for our help and advice.

About us

We have also accomplished study abroad programmes so we know all schools and places we offer. Tell us your strengths, ambitions, or what would you like to achieve and we will advise you the best school or course for you based on your requirements. more